Immigration Reform for a Stronger Economy

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As your candidate for President, I believe that immigration is a vital aspect of our nation’s history and future. However, it is important that we have a lawful and controlled immigration system in place.

First and foremost, we must secure our borders to protect our citizens and communities from the dangers of illegal immigration. This includes investing in technology, infrastructure, and personnel to prevent the illegal crossing of our borders.

Additionally, we must reform our legal immigration system to ensure that it is fair, efficient, and serves the best interests of our country. This includes prioritizing the entry of skilled workers, who will contribute to our economy, and reuniting families.

Furthermore, it is important that we address the issue of those who are currently living in the country illegally. We must establish a system for those individuals to come forward, pass background checks, pay taxes, and pay a penalty for breaking the law. Only then, after they have met these requirements, can we consider allowing them to apply for legal status.

In short, my administration will prioritize the safety and security of our citizens, while also embracing the contributions that legal immigrants make to our great nation. Together, we can build a strong and prosperous America for all.

Thank you.

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